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For all our guests coming for the fall and winter holidays
(and for those of you wondering if you should)
we wanted to let you all know that, even though our Resort does not have ovens,
you can still enjoy a traditional Holiday Feast!

We've been told, by 'expert chefs' that if you grill just one turkey on the
BBQ, you will never go back to making it in the oven. We'd love to hear
from you, once you've tried it, if you agree!


1 oven-ready turkey
1 tablespoon oil
Salt and pepper
Herbs, rub, or seasonings to taste

Rinse turkey and pat dry. Turn wings back to hold neck skin in place.
Return legs to tucked position. Brush turkey with oil. Season to taste,
inside and out.

Place turkey, breast-side up, on a roast holder set inside a large
heavy-gauge foil pan. Place in centre of cooking grate. Cook 11 to 13
minutes per pound to an internal temperature of 180 degrees F in the thigh
and 170 degrees F in the breast. Remove turkey from grill and let stand 15
minutes before carving.

Note: To collect drippings for making gravy, pour a little water into foil
pan. Replenish water as needed to keep drippings from burning. Remove pan
from under turkey about 30 minutes before bird should be done and make
gravy. (Continue cooking turkey in the centre of the cooking grate.


-To achieve evenly circulated heat, use the grill cover.
Utilization of the grill cover will reduce the amount of fuel required and
prevent flare-ups. Sometimes it is windy on the decks at the Resort, so
it's best to keep the lids closed as much as possible to retain the heat in
the BBQ.

Do not pierce the turkey with sharp forks or knives, as this will
cause the natural juices to escape.

When grilling a whole bird, check the turkey when it is about
two-thirds done. Cut the band of skin or string holding the legs together,
allowing the heat to reach this critical portion of the bird.

Be aware - poultry cooked on a grill often cooks very fast.

Always use a meat thermometer to ensure the bird has reached the
required internal temperature.

As with cooking all turkeys, (even in an oven), cover with foil if
the bird seems to be browning too much or too fast.

We would suggest making stove-top stuffing. A stuffed bird takes
longer to cook.

Enjoy and thank you for spending your time with us!