Important Notice:

It has once again been brought to our attention by several of our guests
that an accommodation provider in Ucluelet, having a similar name as ours
and managing only three small cabins near our beach in close proximity to
our Terrace Beach Resort waterfront cabins, is continuing to deliberately
try to cause confusion.

By continuing to do this, they seem to be trying to indicate that there is
an association between these two companies, or even that perhaps we are one
and the same.

While we certainly realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,
both by pictures and text, our main concern is the problems that this is
creating for our guests, and in fact, for theirs as well.

Please be very aware that Terrace Beach Resort and the Priestley Family are
not associated in any way with any other accommodation provider on our
Resort grounds, nor with any other company in Ucluelet with a similar name
as ours.

The Priestley Family was one of the original accommodation providers and
investors on Terrace Beach, going back to 1998. Since then, we have
expanded and improved our beautiful Resort in order to offer the very best
accommodation in Ucluelet to our guests.

As we say, accept no substitutions and do not be tricked by anyone using the
words "Terrace Beach "resort-style", or "Terrace Beach "Resort-Style". We

The old adage "often imitated but never duplicated" truly seems to apply in
this situation. We will continue to try to point out to our potential
guests and our guests staying with us not to be confused or mislead by this

If you happen to contact this other accommodation provider by mistake,
thinking that you have contacted us - please tell them that you were looking
for TERRACE BEACH RESORT and not them.

We continue to hope that they will direct you back to us, your original

Norma, Lorne and Jason Priestley
Terrace Beach Resort.

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